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The Etceterist

The Etceterest

Heya! My name is Loraine, and I love to draw!

Illustrating moments, memories and feelings in expressive portraits is one of my biggest passions that I want to share with the world.

Please enjoy your visit, and I look forward to drawing for you!

– Loraine, the Etceterist

Here's some of what I do


Illustration has always been the cornerstone of my creative journey, an art form that ignites a profound passion within me.

The allure of crafting enchanting worlds through visual storytelling, particularly in the realms of children’s book illustrations and cartoon illustrations, has captured my heart and imagination like nothing else.

As an illustrator, I try to breathe life into characters and scenes, fostering a sense of wonder and joy that resonates with readers young and old.


Through illustrative branding, I can weave a narrative that speaks directly to the brand’s personality, values, and aspirations.

Every line, color, and character becomes a powerful communicator, building an emotional connection between the brand and its consumers. With each stroke, I breathe life into the brand, giving it a unique voice and setting it apart from the crowd.


With boundless artistic freedom, I want explore a vast spectrum of cartoon styles, paying homage to classic icons and embracing contemporary trends. I am open to just about any style!

Each portrait is a dance of colors, shapes, and lines, orchestrated to compose a symphony of emotions. Whether it’s channeling the timeless appeal of Disney or the irreverent energy of Rick and Morty, every portrait becomes an artistic adventure, an ode to the diverse tapestry of human experience.

Contact Me

I would love to hear from and work with you to bring your vision into an artsy reality.

If you don’t see an example of a style that you like, that doesn’t mean that I can’t do it! Contact me for any specific styles you’d like to see!